Due to the customized nature of my work, pricing will vary and ulitimately be determined by the size, complexity and detail of each design. Here is a general outline of pricing. Keep in mind that a consultation will be required for any custom work or special projects. 




Small Basic Figures up to 2"             Start @ $15*

Medium Basic Figures up to 4"         Start @ $35*

Large Basic Figures up to 6"            Start @ $70*


*Prices are for seated figures. Standing figures will add additional charges TBD through a consultation.




Single Cake Flavor/Single Frosting Flavor                  $3/per* Cupcake (min order 24 cupcakes)

Mixed Cake Flavor/Multiple Frosting Flavor         Add $1/per*  Cupcake (min order 24 cupcakes)


Fondant Cupcake Toppers


Single Dimension Toppers (up to 2 colors)                 $1/per Cupcake

Three Dimensino Toppers (up to  4 colors)                 $2/per Cupcake


*Email for additional pricing and for custom consultations       




Cake Toppers Available Locally In The Seattle Area Or Online Anywhere!

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